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About Us

GEAR UP Alumni received support throughout middle and high school in the form of services. Those services include counseling and academic advising, field trips, and workshops on financial aid and college applications. However, after federal grant funding expires, GEAR UP students are left to navigate higher education on their own. Our organization works to maximize the investment in these students and take them to the finish line of obtaining a college degree and becoming much more valuable to the workforce as a college graduate. By ensuring students graduate with a college degree, we can directly support the efforts to bring equity and generational wealth to historically, under-served and under-represented communities. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an alumni network that supports and advocates for the overall advancement of the GEAR UP community through lifelong mentorship, philanthropy, and career development.

Our Committees

Learn about the different committees that comprise our association to develop, execute, and grow the work that our association does.

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Our Board

Meet the GEAR UP alumni and community partners who make our organization great.

We Need Your Support Today!

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