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Scholarship Fund

We are developing a scholarship fund to directly address the financial obstacles that low-income, first-generation students disproportionately face during their transition to college and throughout their time at a higher education institution. With a year one goal of $10,000, we aim to support between 100-200 students with micro scholarships that will allow them to push through the small fees that can be make or break for their post secondary success.

Our Programs

Graduation Ceremony

From housing deposits to orientation fees to textbooks and other small charges alike, the most detrimental financial obstacles are rarely the big costs like tuition.




...of low income students who are admitted into schools in the spring do not attend in the Fall because they lack funds for things such as housing and orientation fees."

-Ben Castleman, 2014

College Students

Often financial aid is not disbursed before classes begin leaving low-income students without the means to purchase textbooks making it difficult to achieve the grades necessary to remain eligible for financial aid.

"Nearly 2/3

...of first generation college students did not buy their textbook for class and later felt it hurt their performance."

- Jenkins, JJ, et al. 2020.

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