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Mentorship Pipeline


We are scaling our volunteer mentorship pipeline to serve students across all levels of education and career development. Mentorship is a life changing experience for both mentee and mentor as a generation of emerging professionals seek valuable roles in their communities. Our model is to provide cascading mentorship over the course of many years to enable sustainable, constant mentorship to those who need it.

Our Programs

Teacher Assisting a Student

Alumni professionals mentor students finishing up their last years of college to give advice on navigating the workforce after graduation.



College attending alumni mentor students entering institutions of higher education to help overcome hurdles such as impostor syndrome, time management, and navigating the system. 


Early college students mentor our youngest students, currently 8th and 9th graders on how to navigate high school and prepare for college.

Mentee Testimonials

My mentor is awesome! Super friendly and helpful with all the questions I have for her.

-Sophia Kim (2020 graduate) about mentor America Lopez (2017 graduate)

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